Table for One?

January 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ah, the joys of eating alone.  I’m serious.  I enjoy eating alone.  On occasion.  And since I live alone (do cats count as people?) that occasion happens rather frequently.  Other occasions include my various international adventures, but I’ll get to those at a later date.

Lunch and dinner can be intimidating meals to eat by yourself, especially if you choose to dine at a sit down restaurant.  There’ll probably be a strange look from the hostess.  Your waiter may gaze at you with pity.  This person must not have any friends.  He/she is possibly psychotic.

Not so!

I enjoy eating alone because it gives me an opportunity to choose a meal without the influence of others, and then savor it, with only my thoughts to accompany the meal.  It allows me to really think about the texture of food, its nuances of flavor, and try to guess which herbs/spices were used.

Now, I do realize that not everyone is comfortable with eating alone.  An easy way to dip a toe into this experience is by making some breakfast.

But that’s just me in my house!  It doesn’t count.

I disagree.  By making a meal just for one, you immerse yourself in the process of creating the meal, and then it’ll make eating the meal that much more enjoyable.  If you start this process in a comfortable place, over time you’ll be more likely to take that leap of dining out alone.

Here’s the perfect breakfast to make for yourself.  It’s self-contained and simply delicious.

The breakfast of champions

Egg-in-a-Basket, plus the Best Coffee ever

1 slice of your favorite bread

1 egg


salt & pepper

Butter the bread on both sides.  Use a shot glass to cut out the center of the buttered bread.  If you don’t have a shot glass, then you must not be a college student.  Save the little cut out piece.  Put a small skillet on the stove; heat to medium.  Put the bread (and the little cutout) in the pan.  Crack the egg into the hole of the bread.  Wait for for the base of the egg white to set, and then flip.  Toast for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how runny you like the egg yolk.  I like mine saucy.  Once the egg is cooked, serve to yourself.  Add a little salt and pepper.

To go along with this eggselent breakfast, make some awesome coffee.  Get out your French Press.  Add 2 Tbsp of coarsely ground coffee.  Add 2 C nearly boiling water.  Stir.  Put on the lid.  Wait 5 minutes.  Press.  Pour into your favorite mug.  Add half & half.  I guess you could add sugar.  But coffee is meant to taste like coffee.  Not like candy.

Feel free to eat and drink as quickly or slowly as you please.  But do focus on enjoying the food, not just shoveling it down your face.


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§ One Response to Table for One?

  • stonge says:

    Alright, I’m gonna make this!!! Thanks Emily. And I like your intro, reminds me of How I Met Your Mother when Marshall tries to go out to brunch my himself lol.

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