I am a former Texan, living in Catonsville, Maryland.  I live in a lovely red brick townhouse.  There is a dishwasher, thank goodness.  I’m obsessed with my two cats, books, art, and making food, obviously.  I tend to geek out over anything to do with Star Wars or Star Trek (I love them both equally, don’t make me choose!)

I have a wonderful boyfriend.  We’ve been dating for a good while now.  Whenever I cook for him, he does all the dishes.  Basically, we’re perfect together.

For the past five years, I’ve become an unofficial ambassador for the state I once called home.  I’ve made my friends barbequed brisket, Texas-style chili, Ranch Style Beans (when I can get them) and various other native Texas dishes.

If y’all are nice to me, I’ll share my best/most accurate recipes with you.


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  • Captain Kirk says:

    If your not in Texas and need a taste of home try Hill Country BBQ in New York City or Smokin Bar-B-Que in Dayton, Ohio.

    I am sure there are other taste of Texas out there. These eateries brought my taste buds right back to Central Texas.

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